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Wasps are easily recognised by most people in the U.K. They are considerably smaller than the bee, they have yellow and black bands on their bodies and two pairs of wings. At the start of spring the wasps will start to construct their nests and by September time the nests will be at their maximum size and by then the nest may contain up to 10,000 workers. Wasp nests can be found in many places, trees, garages, sheds, lofts, and holes in the ground.

It is strongly recommended that you do not attempt to dispose of the nest yourself as when the wasps nest is threatened they will become aggressive which will result in multiple stings.

We provide permenent wasp eradication and complete wasp nest removal services. Please contact us for more details.



The most common ants in Britain are the black ants and the garden ants. The worker ants are usually dark brown and the queen who will rarely be seen outside the nest is a lighter shade in colour.

The queen will make the nest, usually outside beneath patios and paving or in grass/soil areas. The nests can also be found inside houses, in the foundations or walls. The worker ants will forage for food and once one has found a good source there will soon be others.

Although ants are not a health risk to humans they are a nuisance and if the ants have established a colony in your home or garden it may be necessary for us to provide you with our professional pest control services.

We provide full ant extermination, ant nest removal, and ant infestation prevention services. Please contact us for more details.

Fly Killer Supply & Servicing


We can supply a wide range of products designed for industrial, domestic, and commercial insect prevention. We have experience installing Electronic Fly Killers (EFKs) in premises ranging from factories to large chain restaurant.

We offer EFK instalation, as well as the option of long term EFK maintenance and servicing contracts. Please contact us for more information about the range of Electric Fly Killer services we can provide.



If you have a bee nest you will probably see bees entering a hole in the ground or in a wall or roof. Where they nest often depends on species. It may not be necessary to destroy the nest. It may be possible in some cases to remove the nest, but this is rare. The operator will be able to tell you what sort of bees they are, usually either Bumble Bees, Honey Bees or a wild species such as masonry or mining bees, there are many sub species of wild bees within these groups.

A swarm of bees can be extremely aggressive and are known to attack a person in such large numbers as to cause death. Also they are known to carry a highly toxic venom which is injected directly into the victim's bloodstream, thereby inflicting a hideous swelling of the skin, particularly of children and people with a fair complexion.

We provide full bee extermination and bee hive removal services. Please contact us for more information.



Adult fleas live exclusively as parasites of warm-blooded animals, especially mammals, although birds may also be attacked. Whilst they show a certain degree of host preference, fleas are by no means specific and will feed on other animals in the absence of the normal host. In fact they tend to be more nest than host-specific, for whilst the adults may feed on the blood of a variety of animals the larvae require more precise conditions which are associated with the habitats and nesting habits of the hosts rather than the characteristics of their blood.

We offer a full domestic flea prevention, and eradication service. Please contact us for more information.



Moths are closely related to the butterfly and are generally only active at night. Despite being framed for eating clothing, most adult moths do not eat anything at all - it is the moth larvae that cause destruction by eating fabrics made from natural materials such as wool or silk.

When dealing with moth infestations, often professional help is desired due to the fact that moths are more resistant to pesticides than mosquitoes or flies and therefore require more intensive pest control measures.

We offer a full range of moth removal, and moth prevention services, using modern techniques and equipment. Please contact us for more information.



Bed bugs are a significant problem as they are so easily spread and difficult to control, in the vast majority of infestations it takes the services of a professional pest controller to eradicate

The female lays up to 200 eggs and maybe more at the rate of 4/5 a day so the problem increases very quickly.

Our approach in treating infestations is thoroughness, attention to detail making certain we treat every possible harbourage, using the best professional products available.



The two varieties of cockroach most commonly found in Britain are the "German" (Blatella germanica) and the "Oriental" (Blatta orientalis). Both are quite large insects, but at 20-24mm in length, the Oriental is around twice the size of the lighter coloured German species. Both kinds breed freely, producing egg cases every 3-6 days, each containing 15 or more eggs which hatch, not into grubs, but into small near replicas of the adults. While the juvenile Oriental cockroach may take up to two years to attain adulthood, the German can itself be breeding the next generation in under four months.

They can carry a variety of human diseases - including dysentery and gastro-enteritis - on their bodies and their all-inclusive feeding habits inevitably mean that there is an enormous potential for food intended for human consumption to be contaminated. A cockroach infestation is a serious thing and professional help will be needed to bring it under control.

We offer a full range of cockroach eradication, cockroach extermination and cockroach prevention services. Please contact us for more information.

Stored Product Insects (SPI)


There are many species of stored product insects in the United Kingdom that contaminate food, timber and more. Unless treated for quickly, they can affect your business and your reputation.

We offer solutions for a range of stored product insects, including biscuit beetles, tobacco beetles, larder beetles, leather, beetles, flour beetles, grain & rice weevils, and many more. Contact us today for more information.

Textile Pests

Textile pests

Often people are not aware they have a problem with textile pests until the damage has already been done. The warning signs of a textile pest infestation include live or dead insects in cupboards or around windows. Textile pests often originate from birds nests. If not recognised and treated textile pests can do catastrophic damage to carpets, clothing, soft furnishings and even historic artifacts.

We offer solutions to combat brown house moth, case-bearing moth, common clothes moth, carpet beetle, fur beetle and white-shouldered house moth infestations quickly and effectively. Please contact us for more information.